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Join other exceptional students and leading conservative intellectuals from all academic disciplines for ISI’s premier, all-expenses-paid, weeklong summer program.

You deserve to be taught by professors who like you.

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What you can expect:

This year's Honors Scholars embark on a journey exploring the principles that hold America together and the forces that can tear it apart. Scholars will learn about the five cities identified as shaping the American order—Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia.

Graduates of the ISI Honors Program will join an exclusive fellowship of conservative leaders who are equipped and empowered to remedy what ails American institutions today.

Our Honors Fellows go on to shape culture through virtuous leadership in the wide variety of careers they pursue. We aim to cultivate more than influential policymakers; ISI shapes prudent, principled statesmen and women who bring a clear-eyed historical sensibility to their decision-making.

Students accepted into ISI Honors Program receive:

  • All-Expenses-Paid, Weeklong Summer Program: Join a select group of exceptional students and leading conservative intellectuals for an immersive educational experience.
  • Exclusive Fellowship of Leaders: Graduates join a network of conservative leaders poised to positively influence American institutions.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Learn directly from top-tier faculty and speakers who provide mentorship in academic and professional pursuits.
  • Ongoing Educational Opportunities: Enjoy invitations to additional lectures by prominent conservative intellectuals throughout the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • Capstone Homecoming Weekend: Conclude your yearlong experience with a special event, joining the ranks of ISI alumni.
  • Lifetime Access to ISI Resources: Benefit from continuous access to ISI’s connections and resources, aiding your lifelong journey in conservative leadership.

The ISI Honors Program is not merely an informational presentation but an introduction to an exclusive lifelong community of like-minded conservatives.

However, the Honors experience does not end after one week.

Honors Scholars will also be invited to attend additional lectures by leading conservative intellectuals throughout the 2024-2025 academic year. Intellectuals like Victor Davis Hanson, Dan Mahoney, Michael Knowles, Oren Cass, Sohrab Ahmari, Amity Shlaes, Luke Burgis, Patrick Deneen, Yoram Hazony, Christopher Rufo, and many more.

If you are a hardworking, dedicated undergraduate conservative leader, you are encouraged to apply to the 2024 ISI Honors Program.

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ISI Honors Program